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2010 Trends in Electronic Teaching Technologies

2010 Trends in Electronic Teaching Technologies

Due to massive budget cuts, many teachers were laid off during this last global recession. In some states like California many teachers who had nine years worth of tenure were cut from the payroll. Imagine a second grade school teacher who had taught for nine years being laid off due to budget cuts; it doesn’t make sense does it? Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened.

Not only that but budget cuts also decrease the number of teacher aides and assistance, afterschool activities, sports programs, and a number of other essential positions. This has caused quite a problem, although luckily that pendulum should swing back again. Especially, as we note more juvenile delinquency in the courts, lower test scores in many cities, and as more money is available once again due to increased tax receipts to state and local governments.

Of course, these changes and pendulum swing back cannot come soon enough, our schools need more resources. One of the best trends we see is that technology is helping teachers teach in a more efficient way, and these high tech tools are teaching our children faster. You can expect as the economy returns, the vendors that sell teaching electronic equipment will be out in force peddling their wares to school districts.

Much of this new technology is superb, and a cut above anything we’ve ever seen in the past. No, not all of it, but a good bit of it. Also many companies that have sold ongoing education electronic learning equipment to corporations had decided during the recession that they would extend their lines of technologies to include school districts.

Therefore, they have adapted much of the corporate learning electronic products to fit the needs of our schools. Many former educators are involved in this and there are now huge conferences, symposiums, and trade shows that deal strictly with these electronic teaching devices for advanced learning. This is one of the biggest trends we see in teaching today, and I thought you should know about it.