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A Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Review

A Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Review

These days keyboards are so common in our daily life because the majority of electronic devices need some sort of keyboard input. Our smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, games consoles and more. In many cases, keyboards are built in as with laptops, or are virtual as with tablets. In other cases, a separate, physical keyboard is required. In modern life we prefer those items that make our life simple and convenient with no hassle. I guess thats why a wireless keyboard has become a popular choice for many applications that require a long time at the keyboard, or where it would be a nuisance to keep going over to a keyboard. No one wants a keyboard cable trailing to their home entertainment system, especially a game-addicted, couch potato like me.

Recently I got an Inateck gadget wireless BK1003E Bluetooth keyboard. It is a simple device with a slim and stylish design and strong metal construction. It is suitable for all the situations I mentioned above as it works with a vast range of devices from Android, iOS, Windows and many others where a wireless keyboard is desirable.

Design and Features

The keyboard is Bluetooth wireless with a built-in battery and Micro-USB charging cable in the package. It is slim at 4.3 cm for the thick section along the back edge. It is 28cm long and 13.5 cm wide. On the top back of the keyboard is the tiny sliding power on/off switch an LED on the front shows its activity. The stainless steel quality and the little rubber pads on the four feet are quite sufficient to keep it stable, and stop the keyboard sliding around. and a tiny sliding switch does the job of powering the device on and off.

The Inateck keyboard has a total of 78 keys including multifunction F-keys; with the physical US layout, you can control multiple devices from the keyboard, but to maximize compatibility, Inateck have included three modes; Android, Windows and iOS. These modes can be switched via an FN-shift key. The nice gentle curve is also very comfortable for people who type for long periods at a desk.


When fully-charged by the micro USB cable, it can last about eight hours and has at least thirty days standby. The keys allow for fast and accurate typing easily. All keys are neatly arranged with a nice defined break to them and prompt spring-back. It seems there are also some hot keys optimized for Apple products. It is also easy to switch back and forth between the keyboard and touchscreen.

What I am not so accustomed to is its US layout. I see many users have put this forward as a disadvantage. I guess someday they will try to improve this and offer us a new choice.


All-in-all, the Inateck keyboard is a functional keyboard that can truly allow you to be a couch potato. It has a compact size that makes its extremely portable and fits well in the hand. The unit comes in both Black and White and is priced at 23.99 .