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All You Need to Know Before Buying a Refurbished Laptop

All You Need to Know Before Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Why do people insist on buying brand new laptops when they could be getting almost the same thing at a reduced price? That is the question every refurbished laptop user asks. Since after using the refurbished machine they are unable to differentiate between a new laptop and the cheap refurbished laptop they just bought. However in this article I will try to cover all the misconceptions people have about refurbished laptops and will try to clear them up.

One of the main reasons why people don’t buy refurbished laptops is that they consider them to be models that are either out of date or being defective in some way. But the truth is that refurbished laptops are actually latest models that have been returned to the company. The return may have been cause by a number of reasons. The most probable reason is that these machines may be canceled orders from the company store or they may be laptops that may have some minor hardware or software issue and may have been returned to the company.

Suppose if the defective laptop being returned has some very serious hardware problems then in that case the company replaces all of the hardware especially the motherboard. For example if a hardware is returned having a defective VGA Chip, the company will not try to repair it but instead will replace the entire motherboard and not only the VGA Chip. So when the machine is returned to the company shop it is as good as new gut at a much reduced price.

And this is the main advantage of buying a cheap refurbished laptop; their price. By buying a refurbished model you get the latest model, without any defect, at almost half the price.

The laptops that are repaired by the company are then repacked and sent to the company store. Almost all stores offer a 6 month warranty on their refurbished products. Knowing this you can easily buy a refurbished laptop without any fear or risk. Juts make sure that before buying the laptop you get the 6 month warranty. Most people make the mistake of buying refurbished laptops from unknown companies. These people are always at a loss since they get defective items and are also denied the warranty they were promised during purchase. Make sure you do not make this mistake. Either buy the laptop from the company store or if you are buying from any other store, check the user reviews by using Google.