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Amazing Value For A Bluetooth Speaker!

EasyACC Music Cube Bluetooth Speaker

Manufacturer Description

-The speaker boosts bass, giving a richer, more magnificent sound. You’ll be amazed at the sound coming from such a small speaker!

-Its portability makes it ideal for outdoor use, such as for camping and barbeques, letting you enjoy music more easily.

make your life more convenient

-The speaker includes a speakerphone so you can receive voice calls hands-free; just press the Telephone button on the speaker to answer a call. If you receive an urgent phone call while in the car, you can use the speaker to take it without taking attention away from the road.

-It’s easy to use-the speaker allows 25-30 hours playback time or talk-time with a full battery (at normal volume) after 3-5 hours of charging with 3 W output. (the effective operating distance is 10 m without obstructions).

make the digital age easier to enjoy

The speaker works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices as well as devices with an audio socket

Technical Specifications

1. Charging time: 3-5 hours

2. Playback and talk time: 25-30 hours (at medium volume)

3. Effective operating distance: 10 m (without obstructions)

4. Capacity of built-in lithium battery: 2600 mAh

5. Maximum power output: 3 W

6. Bluetooth version: 3.0

Package Contents

EasyAcc Music Cube Bluetooth Speaker x 1

USB Charging Cable x 1

3.5 mm AUX Cable x 1

User Manual x 1

Build Quality/Design

The speaker itself is a basic compact cube design. Like other EasyACC products, it’s very stylish and minimalistic. It has soft matte plastic on top and bottom and a semi gloss gunmetal finish at the sides, front and back.

Its its very well built as nothing is loose of flimsy on it. The grill, unlike other speakers, has a double grill setup. The bottom has a rubber not slip pad so it won’t move around so much. Holding it in hand, it has a great feel to it that just screams quality.

The back has the micro usb charge port, power switch and the AUX port. The Aux port is for any device that doesn’t have Bluetooth. You can attach said device with the supplied 3.5mm headphone cable. The top has volume up/down (also used for next and previous track), play and phone call.



I’ve had cheapo Bluetooth speakers before such as targus and rocketfish but these sound soooo much better than those. I’ve heard a lot more expensive Bluetooth speakers such as UE Boom, Logitech and Beats pill and this one more than keeps up with them.

At max volume, it doesn’t distort which is a very big deal as a lot of speakers have that problem. I was pleasantly surprised how loud and the quality when at full volume.

There are 2 ways to raise the volume. First is on the phone/device itself and then on the speaker itself. So you set the speaker at highest volume, then adjust it via the device. However if you set it at the lowest volume on the phone, no matter if you press the volume up on the speaker the volume will not go up. Hope that makes sense.

You can use it as a “headset” while making calls. If a call comes in a quick press of the “play” button answers the call. Holding the “play” button denies the call. The mic is best used within 3 feet. After the 3ft the quality drops. So don’t expect to be able to use it from across the room or anything.

***Note, you can set your phone to pick up calls via the phone instead of the speaker on the Bluetooth settings for the speaker**

The battery lasts up to 20+ hrs.


For the Price, I seriously doubt there is a better Bluetooth speaker. Don’t spend a fortune on other name brand speakers and get this one. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.