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Apple iMac MB418LL A 24 Inch Desktop – This is a Fantastic Computer

Apple iMac MB418LL A 24 Inch Desktop - This is a Fantastic Computer

The Apple-iMac-MB418LL-A-24-Inch-Desktop really has it all.

This machine is costly compared to a PC desktop, however; everything just works. Startup is fast and pages load while I am doing anything. Though I have never used video editing software, I was able to make a comprehensive video of my daughter in a half an hour. There are tons of free creative software which are fun (paint, music, editing) and premium ones to buy. I have friends with the modern vista and it is last year’s prom dress compared to this machine. I have a three year old and there are loads of entertaining and educational add-on’s for this.

I would recommend without reservation.

With a really big 24-inch LED screen, 4GB of RAM, a 640MB hard drive, a fast Core 2 Duo Intel processor and a reduced price, this new Apple iMac is truly a bargain. Everything works as it should, quickly and silently. With power off or in sleep mode, the aluminum and glass computer is a sleek thing of beauty, with not even a blinking diode to mar its surface. The back-lit glass expanse of screen is ideal for viewing my opera and movie DVDs (with a couple of Bose speakers attached to take advantage of the iMac’s clean internal 24-watt audio amplifier). It is an awe-inspiring experience to realize that you can have the use of a computer with such power, speed and varied capabilities at a really reasonable price. As always, the Apple box assured safe and unmarred delivery.

I expect products that I buy to just work. It doesn’t always turn out that way but in the case of this Apple iMac I am 100% satisfied. I had it up and running within 10 minutes with no problems at all. I also own a PC however the more familiar I become with the Mac the less I use the PC.