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Apple Mac Pro MB871LL-A – Mother of All High-End Desktop Models

Apple Mac Pro MB871LL-A - Mother of All High-End Desktop Models

If you are someone who often uses your desktop for running graphics intensive and large applications, the Apple Mac Pro MB871LL/A desktop is for you. It has some of the best specs a desktop can have and to top it off, has a very nice design. Adding one of these desktops to your desk would instantly up the ante of ‘coolness’ of any space.

The Apple Mac Pro MB871LL/A has a very powerful 2.66Ghz Intel Quad Core processor and 3GB of RAM. If you need to get more computing power out of this model, you can upgrade it to a maximum of 8GB. For storage, there is a 640GB hard drive. For graphics, this model uses the NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 graphics card. Connectivity wise, this model comes with 5 USB ports, 4 Firewire ports, optical digital connectors and also Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity.

Currently, the Apple Mac Pro MB871LL/A is price at around $2299 per unit, which is a little more expensive than usual for its specs. But then again this is an Apple machine. Thanks to the Mac OS and probably its built-in systems, Apple computers perform much better than Windows based systems (of the same specs) in many aspects (especially for multitasking and running large programs). There are also plenty expansion slots in the CPU unit if you ever decide to upgrade it. This model ships with a keyboard, mouse, power cable, keyboard extension cable and manuals. If you can afford the slightly hefty price tag, the Apple Mac Pro MB871LL/A desktop would definitely be a good buy.