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Awesome Portable Power Supply

Awesome Portable Power Supply

A portable battery seems like an unnecessary burden until that one time you really need it, then it’s worth its weight in gold. Not all external batteries are created equal, however, and investing in the wrong one could mean endless fiddling to make sure it’s still charging, trouble getting it to hold a charge, and frustration when it fails in the middle of your weekend getaway. I recently got my hands on EasyAcc’s 10,000mAh portable battery, and having been burned (in the non-literal sense) by external batteries in the past, I was skeptical about how it would hold up.

As it turns out, EasyAcc’s portable battery is a winner. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and it has performed splendidly, never presenting any of the troubles I’ve experienced with some other powerbanks. The first impressive aspect of the battery is its design and construction: the unit is solid and smooth, made from hard plastic with rounded edges in a rectangular shape not unlike many larger smartphones (though it is, of course, thicker). This makes it easy to tuck into a pocket or bag, and doesn’t feel like a device that will break the first time it’s accidentally dropped. In addition, you can rest your phone on top of it and then lift both to your ear if absolutely necessary — it feels clunky to do so, but not terribly burdensome.

The second likable aspect are the dual charging ports, with one rated at 1.5A and the other at 2.1A. You can charge your tablet with the 2.1A if needed, and top up your smartphone or Kindle on the 1.5A port at the same time. This speeds things up, and is especially convenient if you’re on a plane or train. Charging the battery itself, meanwhile, is achieved through a micro USB port. The battery indicates its charge status using a row of four small blue LED lights; pressing a button on the end of the battery causes the lights to illuminate briefly, showing the remaining charge in quarter increments.

This particular battery has a 10,000mAh capacity, which is enough to charge my Moto, headphones, and Kindle. Though some charge will be lost over time when sitting in your bag or on the shelf, that has proven to be a slow process, and you won’t have any issues if you stay on top of keeping it charged. Having to charge once it is completely dead, however, takes a few hours.