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Battery Case That Allows You To Control When Or When Not To Charge

Battery Case That Allows You To Control When Or When Not To Charge

The EasyAcc MFi 3200mAh Colorful iPhone 6 Battery Charging Case, a sleek and durable battery charging case that can provide the user with the ability to utilize their iPhone 6 more extensively or for a more prolong period of time. This means watching videos or movies, calling, surfing the web, and/or playing music for a much longer period of time.

Design & Functionality:

The battery charging case is very sleek and durable as mentioned already. The dimensions of the case are the following: 6 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches and it weighs about 3 ounces. It can be purchased in a variety of colors ranging from your typical or standard color black to the color red or even gold as well as grey. The battery charging case has been designed and developed around the iPhone 6, meaning that this case will only be compatible with the iPhone 6. So, please be aware of that when purchasing this case. The battery charging case has been designed to protect your iPhone 6 from damage in the case of dropping it. For example, the sides of the case have been raised up to be slightly higher than the phones display or front, so that the case itself will be the first to receive the impact, thus minimizing or preventing extreme damage to your phone when dropped. The only flaw that I see with this battery charging case is in regards to the material design aspect of it. The case tends to absorb the oils in your fingers easily, thus causing fingerprints to show up on the exterior of the case easily. However, this is only a minor flaw which does not detract from the overall experience and great performance that this case has to offer. Last, there are blue LED indicators on the back of the case in order to help the user identify and determine when the case is charged fully or when it needs to be recharged due to low battery.


The battery charging case performed really well. Thanks to the 3200 mAh battery that has been integrated into the case, you can enjoy using your phone much longer without having to worry about recharging your phone quickly. For example, with this case you can expect the following performance parameters: maximum of 250 hours of standby time, 10 hours of video playback time, 40 hours of audio playback time, 10 hours of talktime, or 10 hours of web surfing time. That being said, the recharge rate of the battery was quite fast since it recharged my phone relatively quick. All in all, you can expect great performance from this battery charging case, in terms of phone usage and charging.


The EasyAcc MFi 3200mAh Colorful iPhone 6 Battery Charging Case is a great case to have. Not only do you have the convenience of not having to worry about recharging your iPhone 6 quickly after usage, but also the convenience of knowing that if in fact you do drop your phone, it will be protected immensely thanks to the durable and protective design of this case. So, if you are looking for a battery charging case and want one that provides great protection for your phone, then this case would most definitely be a great buy to satisfy that need.