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Brother Compatible Ink – How to Make Sure it Prints Good and Doesn’t Clog Your Printer

Brother Compatible Ink - How to Make Sure it Prints Good and Doesn't Clog Your Printer

Brother compatible ink cartridges are very popular and can save you a lot of money vs OEM Brother ink cartridges. The ink quality of ink cartridge refills and generic ink cartridges is not as important as the correct ink flow. This is because Brother compatible cartridges clog very easily (just like the Epson compatible cartridges.)

Let me first say that compatible inks that are formulated specifically for Brother inkjet printers are necessary to avoid clogs over the long term. When clogs happen you’ll notice gaps and streaks, inconsistent colors, or possibly no prints at all.

To prevent and/or unclog your printhead read below. The two most common causes of clogs are

1) Under use –

Leaving your inkjet printer idle for even a week can allow the ink to dry

2) Poor ink flow –

Weak flow allows the ink to dry out in the print head as well as let the tiny wires in your print head overheat and burnout.

That’s why it’s very important to ensure your carts flow properly. And to keep them flowing you need to keep your printer’s compatible ink cartridge nozzles clean and print heads clear.

To do this you need to:
1) print color images/pages at least once a week
2) run the head-cleaning program when you change ink cartridges and/or
3) run the utilities that came with your printer at least once a month
4) and check to make sure you have good ink flow

Try to print a test page at least once a month to help make sure that your print heads stay in shape. Some Brother printers run a maintenance routine on start-up, meaning that you can keep the ink cartridge nozzles clear simply by turning your printer on and off once a week. Check your printer’s manual to see if it has this feature.

Some Brother inkjet printers (like HP) do a cleaning cycle every time they begin a print. Which squirts (and wastes) ink into a trough to make sure the nozzles are clean.

If you follow my advice you should get a lot of good use out of your brother compatible ink cartridges.