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Comparison Between HP Inks and Epson Inks

Comparison Between HP Inks and Epson Inks

When buying printers, it is important to consider the ink cartridges or toners because that is something you will be buying repeatedly. If the print quality isn’t up to your expectation, you may find yourself stuck with an unsatisfactory printer. Two major competing brands in the market place are HP and Epson. It’s a matter of time that you will come across these two brands and start comparing.

The reason why the two brands are so popular is that they both have their key advantages.

For Epson, the emphasis has always been on print quality. Therefore, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the technology that manages the printing process. For example, the chip in the ink cartridge helps to stabilize the printing process, making sure that every point on the ink cartridge functions properly.

The chip also helps with communication that happens between the printer and the computer. Whenever the level of ink is low, this can be displayed on the PC using special software. Information about printing yield, which is important to all businesses, is also available.

Epson uses a non-foam technology that is different from conventional ink cartridges. Foam based ink cartridges have been known to distribute ink unevenly. With its SmartValve technology, Epson has been able to overcome this problem.

When you look at the level of sophistication of Epson’s print cartridges, two things come to mind – reliability and quality. To date, Epson has been able to capture a large portion of the market share as consumers have become more savvy about ink cartridge technology. Many consumers are happy with the level of service that Epson provides.

HP also provides excellent service. But the technology that it employs is not as sophisticated. HP executives have decided that cost is the prime concern. Therefore, much of the focus has been placed on informing consumers about the cost savings.

No doubt, cost is an important concern, especially for businesses that print in large volume. HP cartridges claim to print as much as 15% to 20% more than conventional cartridges.

Consumers who have used HP’s printing solutions find the printers and ink to perform reasonably well. Printing is fast, and the ink dries quickly enough to prevent smearing. However, if you want to improve the quality of printing, you may have to use higher quality paper that absorbs ink better. This inevitably leads to higher cost.

So the decision to use Epson or HP printers depends on what is more important to you. Do you prefer quality and reliability, or are you primarily concerned about cost? Both brands offer its own unique advantages.

HP appears to offer inferior printing quality at first glance. But they have been improving their printing quality by using better inks. Today, they boast that the inks they use are light-fade resistance, ozone-fade resistance, and scratch and water resistance. This makes HP ink cartridges a very attractive option for home and small business owners.