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Computer Covers – Do Your Computers Need Dust Protection?

Computer Covers - Do Your Computers Need Dust Protection?

Dust is Everywhere
Dust (as you know) is a general term that can refer to particulate matter from an infinite number of sources. Wood shops, food processes, textiles (clothes, yarn, crafts) and manufacturing areas are obvious and notorious sneeze factories. Pet stores are filled with flying fur, feathers and dander that accompany their carriers into homes. Dirt and gravel roads and parking lots release clouds of dust daily that can be a nuisance to adjacent homes and offices.

In Harm’s Way
Computers that are operated without dust protection in these areas are fighting a losing battle. While it’s easy enough to wipe down your monitor screen and dust off the keyboard and tower occasionally, what isn’t so obvious is the choking dust that is slowly filling the inside of your computer through the air intake vents.

Warning Signs
If your cooling fan starts to seem a little louder than it used to, or your computer is “acting up” in ways you can’t explain, accumulation of dust inside may be the culprit. You can check for visible dust on the vents, and do a more thorough cleaning than the usual wipe-down with compressed air to blast out some dust bunnies. If you’re not confident taking the case apart, it is recommended that you bring the computer to a professional to give the inside a good cleaning. Then,

Take Action!
Prevent dust buildup from becoming a problem again. There are many alternatives for dust protection:

    Vinyl computer covers – good for overnight protection in a relatively clean home or office; must be taken off when the computer is in use.Vent filters – If you can find these small filters in a material that doesn’t impede airflow, they may be effective in filtering out some of the dust entering through airflow ports. Replace them often!ShopShield™ computer dust covers – These are the dust covers that stay in place even while you use the computer and filter all the air that contacts your computer.Dedicated airtight computer cabinets – The traditional “factory floor” method of computer protection, sealed cabinets with their own air conditioning systems; may not be practical for small business owners.

Don’t put it off until your computer chokes on dust and gives up the ghost. Make a plan today for dust protection.