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Computer Dust Covers – Protect Your Computer Investments From Dust Attack

Computer Dust Covers - Protect Your Computer Investments From Dust Attack

Small but Deadly
We usually don’t notice how much dust is in the air unless it’s exposed by a shaft of pure sunlight through a window. So small that it’s usually invisible, dust in large quantities can eventually build up enough to ruin your computer.

Sneak Attack
Dust takes advantage of necessary cooling fans in your computer to launch its sneak attack. Open vents bring cooling air to your hard disk and motherboard, but if they are unprotected they also allow dust motes to “hitch a ride” on the breeze and blanket the sensitive electronics inside. Armies of dust can eventually build up until your computer’s cooling defenses are breached and overheating causes serious malfunctions. By fighting “behind enemy lines”, dust has a huge natural advantage over your computer.

Fight Back!
Don’t let dust armies encroach on your computer’s territory. Use soft wipes and glass cleaning sprays to keep the outside of your tower and monitor clean, and dust your keyboard. Vanquish enemies that have gathered to form dust bunnies inside your computer case by blasting them out with short bursts from a can of compressed air. There are sheer plastic keyboard protectors that will prevent dust and debris from building up under your keyboard keys. Most importantly,

Create a Line of Defense!
Prevent dust buildup from becoming a problem again. There are many alternatives for dust protection:

Vinyl computer covers can be used to cover your computer equipment when it’s not in use. They will keep dust from parrots, carpets, cats and dogs from settling on your computer and its accessories.

ShopShield(TM) computer dust covers are the most effective line of defense in workshops, kitchens, hobby rooms and other areas where the computer needs to run and be used in a dusty environment. These covers are used in industrial workshops, and even by the U.S. military in rugged Middle East bases to extend computer life in high hazard environments.

Dedicated airtight computer cabinets were traditionally the only option for dust-producing manufacturers that needed to keep computers running on the “factory floor”.

Give your expensive computers defensive reinforcements in the war against dust! By filtering dust out of incoming air, you could extend your computer’s life by years. Keep it clean to fight another day!