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Data Backup

Data Backup

In this article, I will explain what backup method is the best and why online backup should be avoided. I have also talked about the importance of off-line backup methods.

Losing data means losing time. Personal data is even more important which includes pictures, videos and documents. In any case data backup is needed for all kind of data. So what method may be used, online or offline? Let me explain offline method. In this method data is copied or backed up to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, CD or network shared drive. There are many online companies that office online backup. Lets talk about some of them. They charge a fair amount to offer backup services. Here are the prices per year. Carbonite $59, Acronis $199, Norton $49.99, Dropbox $99, iCloud $19.99 (1tb), one drive $48 and so on. These prices have a limit of storage. This means if customers needs more space then they have to pay even more. In the rest of the article, I will talk about these online backups in detail.

Before I get into online backup details, lets talk about what define backup. Consumers today use a variety of devices to store information. These includes PCs, laptops, servers, smart phones, tablets like iPads and other computers. All the information on these devices is usually important. People use online and off-line methods for storage. There is a lot of talk about online backup these days. It is very important to spread light on all aspects of online backup. Online backups have a lot of drawbacks. First of all it cost a good amount of money. As mentioned above, the cheapest service on average may cost $100 for every five years. An external hard drive may cost around $60 and can be used for unlimited time. Online backup works when there is steady Internet service available. What if Internet connection drops during a file copy process? Surely, it might end up saving incomplete file and thus may make it unreadable. Another concern is if something happens like accidental loss or if the company close down then all the data will be gone.

Off-line backup seems to be the best policy. It includes backing up data to an external hard drive, USB drive or shared network drive. It is cost effective, convenient and confidential way of storing information. There are two types of OS platforms, Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft products come with windows operating system on laptops, desktop computers and server. Apple product like Mac, Macbook pro, iPad, iPhone use OSX for operation. Both plate forms have very user friendly automatic backup utilities. In case of media failure, data recovery is possible. Most people think that off-line backup is hard to do. They think that copying data all the time is not convenient but in fact it is not the case. Setting up automatic backup both in Apple and Microsoft products is possible and it can be scheduled properly. The computers and devices will backup all the important data silently and without any disturbance. The utility takes sometime at the time of first backup and later one only newly added contents or files are saved. This way the daily backup does not put load on the computer system and thus it does not slow it down.

In this article I talked about the importance of off-line backup method. I also explained about drawbacks of online backup.