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Deciding on the Correct Computer Casing

Deciding on the Correct Computer Casing

The origins of computer cases that are transparent all started with schools, schools would build basic computers in acrylic cases as a way to see how computers worked and how the different parts linked together.

As we said it started in the school, but as creativity took over the clear cases become the centre of cool and funky designs, it become an easy way to customize their computers. This market grows each year and now the internal parts are customized for use of a clear casing.

When starting out always think of the overall performance of the computer, what do you need it to do? As gaming computers will be much different to a simple office one.

Once you understand the performance of your proposed computer, determined the layout and the configuration of the parts and how they will connect, from there you will get the basic set up. By doing this the choice of casing will become easier.

The choice of casing whether it is a ATX standard casing, a mid tower or even a mini tower the choice will be determined by the equipment inside. So by planning a little ahead you will get the best value for your money.
Will the room be enough for future upgrades, and will it allow for the number of drivers you want. What type of fans you use and the quality of fans required. Oh and do not forget the USB and other external plugs.

With the right planning you by now should know the casing for you.