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Factors to Be Considered Before Buying a Laser Printer

Factors to Be Considered Before Buying a Laser Printer

There are several factors to be considered before choosing the right laser printer. So, it is wise to choose the one that caters one’s needs. Nowadays, printers come in varied sizes and shapes ranging from the small compact desktop printers to large workgroup printers. Apart from these, printer resolution and speed specifications add on to the confusion of choosing the right one.

Before availing a printer, the basic requirements must have to be in consideration, as not all the printers have all configurations in them. The matter of printing- text, graphics or photos should be decided first, followed by choice of color or monochrome printing and the frequency or the workgroup-size the printer is going to be used, for there are heavy duty and light duty printers to choose from.

If the prints are primarily taken in black and white, then monochrome printers would be the best and the least expensive option, but taking color printouts occasionally can’t be possible. Choosing a monochrome printer will save the time of printing and the cost of printing per page. Color printers are relatively of higher cost and are for printing graphics with high quality.

Functionality based choices can also be considered. Multifunctional printers with scanning, copying and faxing facilities are available apart from the standalone printers which perform only printing. The next criterion to be considered before choosing a printer is to check the availability of a duplex printing which will allow printing on both sides of the paper, thus reducing the cost. Auto duplex facility is preferable than the manual duplex printers (in which the papers are manually reinserted for the printing on the other side).Toner cartridges costs should also be considered before purchasing. It should also be checked whether separate toner and drum units are provided since if both are given in the same unit, both has to be changed even if the toner has to be replaced which can get costly.

The paper type that can be used for printing is also another consideration. Less expensive printers allows printing only on standard size and weight sheets. If that’s all needed by the customer, then the less expensive printers will serve the need. If there is a demand for range of printing sheet sizes and weights, high potential printers can be opted which are expensive.

The quality of the output is based on the resolution which is the measure of number of dots present per inch (DPI). A DPI of 600×600 gives an acceptable resolution while the higher qualities for graphics can be attained with a 1200×1200 DPI printers. Higher the resolution, higher is the quality with higher cost. Printing speed is also an important factor to be considered. The print speed is the average number of pages that can be printed in one minute. The time taken to print the first fresh page varies from this average time and hence the printer’s warm-up time should also be considered. The ability to print huge graphics depends on the RAM of the printer. Internal memory chips are present in the laser printers, the amount of which controls the printer’s resolution and print speed. A laser printer with a 4 MB and a page rate of 20 PPM (pages per minute) will be sufficient for general use. Higher PPM printers can be opted for printing large graphics with high speed.

Network adaptability is the criterion to be considered when a single printer is to be utilized by more than one computer. So, a built in network connection facilities will help us to connect to office or home networks. An in-built wireless network card facility will help us in the Wi-Fi enabled network. Keeping these considerations in mind one can purchase a suitable printer to serve their needs.