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Features of Laptop Coolers

Features of Laptop Coolers

Laptop cooling systems come in two basic varieties. The first is the laptop cooler pad, non powered, quiet cooling capability. The second is the laptop cooler, with built in fans, this is the more efficient of the two.

When a laptop gets hot, its efficiency drops and the life expectancy shortens greatly. These coolers are one way to help your computer last that much longer. A laptop cooler costs much less than a brand new laptop, making it a smart choice as an accessory.

A laptop cooling pad, while having no fans, it most definitely the quieter of the two options. The only issue with these is that they do not force the heat away from the computer, they allow natural air flow to do that. This makes for a slower transfer of heat.

The laptop coolers with the fans built in move the heat away much quicker, but some models make a bit too much noise according to reports. Be sure to test the cooler out if possible before purchasing it. Depending on how warm your computer gets, you may want to consider getting a model with one fan instead of two, as these run quieter.

The cost of these coolers begin at $20.00 and go as high as $50.00. They are available mostly in a brushed aluminum finish with one or two fans. They are however models available in colors to match either your office of your computer itself.

Whichever one you choose, be sure that it can maintain a level of cooling for your laptop. Some laptops get warmer than others, so if possible, try this out at your local store before purchasing. Laptop coolers also fit almost anywhere, being not much bigger than the laptop itself.