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How Secure Are Data Centers?

How Secure Are Data Centers?

A Data Center can be defined as a centralized repository, either virtual or physical, for the storage, management, and dissemination data and information organized around a particular business. Generally, it includes backup power supplies, redundant data communications, security devices and various environmental controls.

In the early days, computer systems were complex to maintain and operate. Security was an important aspect as the technology was expensive and often used for military purposes. Companies required fast connectivity of the internet and nonstop operations to deploy systems. Installation of such equipment was not viable for some smaller companies. With an increase in cloud computing uptake, government organizations and most businesses are actively pursuing data centers and paying special attention to specific areas, especially availability, security, adherence to standards and environmental impact.

Security domains

Network mapping

Data center mapping and flagging hackers within the physical and virtual infrastructure is a critical first step. In order to understand possible threats and be in a position to elevate security accountability, visualization of network patterns is important. Datacenter security is an issue that burdens companies unless proactive methods are adopted.

Reduce risk to high value assets and demonstrate compliance

Old security solutions are impotent in the face of advanced threats. Due to this fact, most of the solutions being distributed for data protection are produced by a new breed of security companies in the growing virtual, mobile and automated world. Companies are able to customize security to stop threats and protect important data against moving threats and significant breaches. The early identification of malicious activity, ensures that you suffer little to no harm while ultimately reducing future costs. An integrated solution reduces the scope of attack surfaces and provides security to asset location by virtue of being localized and separate.

Best practices: Team accountability processes

Understanding traffic flow, accessible information and security can help in creating standing measures for securing high priority assets. All the dynamic security measures in the world are useless if they allow an attack to occur. experts can help you chart the best way forward after familiarising with your industry and specific requirements.


Organizations are more dependent on data centers to enable various operations. As a support service, data centers are more vulnerable to an increasing mix of threats. In addition to cyber theft, organizations must guard against other vulnerable areas such as enterprise security due to malware introduced by data centers technologies. A unified security policy and network-centric approach are easy to use in a distributed environment, to extend data center services virtually to any location.

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