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How to Buy a Decent Laptop Battery

How to Buy a Decent Laptop Battery

In the current society, there are so many laptop battery in the markets, how to choose a good laptop battery for your notebook?

1. The packages.

1). Take a look at the brands. Neutral non-branded packaging products could easily lead to inferior products or to buy second-hand and refurbished products;

2). Take a look at the anti-static sealed bag, lined with anti-static sponge, etc. these are the basic configuration to protect your laptop batteries;

3). Take a look whether there are bar codes or not. Barcode is the international product unified management standard recognized by the authority of identity.

2. The appearance

1). Are there any scratches or obsolete sense? If yes, you might have already bought second-hand refurbished battery;
2). Are there clear parameters, performance, model identification and approvals?
3). Make sure whether the upper and lower seams in the battery have ever been opened or not

3. The price

Is there a unified price of identity? If the offer is not so clear, you are recommended not to order, especially for original battery.

4. The guarantee

There must be a formal commitment to guarantee and after sales for the decent laptop battery with high quality.

A professional laptop batteries company is always guaranteed to provide one year warranty. If there is no such commitment, the quality of batteries maybe is not so good.

In the markets, some companies declare to their clients that they are using the A-grade material cell. But in fact they keeps correcting the old cells of waste laptop battery and reproduce into the new laptop battery, which does do harm to your laptop battery.

As the laptop battery life and after-sales warranty are two important factors for your consideration, in this case, we could not buy the laptop battery, just considering for the one-time price. We must look into both of these two. For example ,to buy a 6-month warranty battery, the price might be USD 65; to buy a one-year warranty battery, the price is USD 79. From the data it is clear that the former is much dearer.

The total cost of those.

On the other hand, let’s distinguish the difference of the Warranty between the good and the bad battery:

(1). In general, genuine laptop battery can be guaranteed to provide at least one year warranty.

(2). for battery for six months or three months Warranty, because their manufactures used relatively inexpensive materials, omitted critical testing procedures, no complete incoming data for material, process, shipping detection, control processes and equipment, therefore, they have to make vague commitment to guarantee for three months or six months.

(3). For the promised one-year warranty, how to distinguish between genuine and fake ?

A. to see if there is a clear quality assurance, and the specific provisions made in writing to the customer’s.

B. Are there formal Qualification?

C. Take a look at their shipping areas. Most of the decent battery company have their markets all over the world.

(4). A company can only produce one product. Therefore, if an enterprise can provide warranty 3 months, six months, one year products, it is likely that there might be a fake commitment to quality.

Because there is a lot of huge difference between three-month warranty battery and one year warranty in the procurement, quality control, technology. Especially for the quality control systems, they are completely different.

Most of clients complain their bad one year warranty laptop battery in the internet. It is likely that when they buy a year product warranty, but they just get a three-month warranty battery. The point is that Many customers just pay more money.

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