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How to Clean a DVD Player Laser in 8 Steps

How to Clean a DVD Player Laser in 8 Steps

Whether your DVD player is malfunctioning or you get a no-disk error you may need to clean out the player. Inside your player is a laser pickup which reads your DVDs and allows you to access or view the content. To make your DVD player functioning again you simply need to properly wipe the laser pickup clean following these simple steps.

Before following these steps let us just look at what we are basically need to do. We need to basically remove the DVD head and electronics out of the player case to have easy access to the actual laser pickup enabling us to clean it properly. Once cleaned it is just a matter of putting everything together again.

Before following the steps, make sure the laser pickup lens is the actual problem. Inserts a few DVD is into the DVD player to confirm the problem is actually the lens. If some DVDs work and others do not, the problem is clearly not the player. If none work, there can be a wide variety of reasons why a DVD player is not functioning properly anymore. But, it is highly likely that the laser pickup lens has simply become dirty.

What You Need to Clean the DVD Player

    lens cleaner discscrewdrivercotton swabisopropyl alcoholflashlight (optional)

How to Clean DVD Player Laser

Step #1 – Lens Cleaner Disc – The first thing you need to do is to get or borrow a lens cleaner disc to try and clean the laser pickup. These lens cleaner discs usually do a terrific job cleaning the laser pickup. Next, try out a few more DVDs to see if the problem is resolved or not and if you have to take further steps to clean out to the pickup up manually or not. If the player still does not work follow step 2.

Step #2 – Removing the Outer Casting – Unplug the player from the power supply and remove the screws of the outer casting. You will now see the plastic head of the DVD player which can be actual electronics attached to it.

Step #3 – Opening the DVD – The next thing we need to do is get the plastic head with electronics out of the DVD player case. In some cases the tray of a plastic head has a tiny other casting attached to it. To remove it, simply plug in the power supply, power on the DVD player, open up the player, power off the DVD player and unplug the power supply. Now, simply detach the tiny outer casting from the tray.

Step #4 – Detaching the DVD Head – Next, we are going to unscrew the DVD head with electronics from the main board. Thanks to step 3 we can easily remove the head by unscrewing it from the main board and unplugging any and all cables going from the head to the main board.

Step #5 – Detaching Electronics from Head – Now you will have the DVD head in your hands, being the plastic mechanism, a clamp and the actual electronics. Remove the clamp. Look for the actual laser pickup which has a blue tint to it. If you have trouble finding the laser pickup, you go to shine a light to detect any reflections. If you can now see and easily access the actual laser pickup for cleaning already, there is no need to detach the electronics from the head. If not, you need to first simply detach the electronics from the head and then follow step 6 on how to properly clean the laser pickup.

Step #6 – Cleaning the Laser Pickup – Now that you have easy access to the laser pickup, use a cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the lens. Use the other end of the cotton swab to dry it. Now wait a few minutes and let it dry.

Step #7 – Putting Everything Together Again – Now that the laser pickup lens is clean again we can partially put everything together again and test the efficiency of the lens. Attached the electronics to the head again, attached the clamp, attached the head to the board again, attach all the previously detached cables onto the main board again, and plug in the power supply to test a few DVDs. Power on the DVD player, insert a DVD and test the disc reader’s efficiency. If the DVD works you have effectively cleaned your DVD player. If not, follow the steps again and try to clean the laser pickup a bit more thoroughly.

Step #8 – Attach the Outer Casting – Put the power off again, unplug the power supply in screw all the outer casting parts back onto the DVD player.

You DVD player is now cleaned and ready to be used again!