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How To Download And Register Missing DLL Files

How To Download And Register Missing DLL Files

In some circumstances, it may happen that some program is a lack of a file with the. Dll extension, if we do not hold that file, the program or some of its functions can’t be used. It may also have other extensions like .drv, .exe, .ocx, and .vxd depending on how the designers structured the application.

Usually in these situations you got to download the file that is missing, and often to assure that the DLL is that the program requires performing a procedure called DLL registration, only then by restarting the program that needs that library to work properly.

DLL files are software libraries that can be used by programs that require them. Usually all along the process of program installation you also install all the required settings, anyhow in some cases something can go wrong, or there can be erased some programs that are used to clean up and lighten your operating system.

How to register this type of file on my personal computer?

After downloading the library in most cases it is best to copy it inside the system directory, and then you need to register it the way it can be used by all programs that need it.

So first copy the downloaded file within the directory, whether you use Windows XP or Vista the DLLs are usually copied to C: WindowsSystem32. The exact location depends on the disk drive where the operating system is installed by installation directory choice, however if it is not found you should try the system32 folder with the search function of Windows.

As we were saying the DLL must be registered by making a click on the Start button, here you will have to put the command as follows:

regsvr32 [filename to log]

For instance, if the DLL download is RLD. DLL command to use is:


After entering the command click the OK button and you will receive a message informing you about the registration of the library. Now try to run once again the program that didn’t work before, if everything went smoothly so it should start to work correctly.

How do I download these files for free of charge?

Of course, the DLL libraries can be downloaded from the internet, in my opinion the most rapid and safe method is to use the service from fix4dll , through which you can search and download missing libraries. The above mentioned DLL file library is regularly updated with the newest versions of DLL files to meet users’ needs and to lend them a helping hand to fix their issues. And if there is a need for you to resolve any issue with just a few clicks you have the opportunity to buy a DLL file fixer from the main menu of this site. However, it is of high importance to be aware of your personal computer security. You should always ensure that files in your system are genuine. DLL files are important complements to the correct performance of any application. Despite at the same time, you should be very careful regarding DLL files because, as it’s true with every executable file, a virus or a Trojan could be hidden in one of these files. So search for DLL files at a reliable source such as fix4dll, where you can download your missing DLL file free of charge from its extensive library that is accessible in alphabetical order.

To download the file you need simply access the Homepage of fix4dll, write the library name in the appropriate search field placed in the left sidebar and press Search:

So you will download a compressed zip file you will find inside the DLL file you want.