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How to Ensure Total Security on Acer Laptops

How to Ensure Total Security on Acer Laptops

Acer laptops are one of the most widely used laptops in the world. However, like every other computer system, you need to have total protection so that your laptop’s data is not hacked by anyone. Here are few steps that will ensure total security on your Acer laptops:

1.You should disable automatic connectivity to any wireless network to ensure that your laptop does not connect to any dangerous network. You can also set administrator id and password to connect to the wireless network. You should also enable WPA2 to ensure utmost security.

2.Activate the default firewall that came with your Windows XP or Vista. Firewall will block entry of untrustworthy application and prompt you if you want to allow or block the application. There are plenty of computer security application manufacturing companies like McAfee, Symantec and AVG that offer firewall with their computer security suite.

3.It is highly recommendable to install antivirus and antispyware on Acer laptops to ensure there is total security from viruses, spyware and other malicious programs. Make sure you regularly update these programs manually or automatically.

4.Do not click on too good to be true advertisements, do not download attachments from emails sent by unknown user and do not download software from unknown websites. Do not login with your username and password of your online banking or email accounts on any other unknown websites. You can become a victim of identity theft as in these ways; hackers may gain access to your bank accounts and email accounts easily if you do not take proper security measures.

5.Make sure you use a powerful web browser such as Mozilla Firefox and enable pop-up blocker to ensure you have safe browsing experience.

6.Encryption is very good way to protect your files from being accessed by anyone. You can do so by right clicking on any file or folder that you would like to encrypt and then click on Properties> Advanced button>Encrypt contents to secure data.

7.You can also create login name and password on your Windows XP or Vista PC. When you do this, you can access the desktop of your computer only after you enter the correct administrator password.

8.Make use of screen guard on you Acer laptops to ensure that nobody around you can see what you are viewing on your laptop.

9.Do not leave your laptop unattended inside the car or at any place. Always make sure that you carry your Acer notebook wherever you go.

10.Laptop locks are one of the best ways to fasten your laptop tightly to a strong table so that nobody can rob your laptop when you are away. Do not use cheap laptop locks because cheap ones can be easily broken by means of pliers.

11.Install laptop tracing application on your system so that you get accurate details about the location of the laptop incase your laptop is stolen.

12.Acer laptops come with fingerprint recognition security which means no one can access your notebook except you. It will only accept you after you place your finger on the finger print recognition sensor. Most Acer laptops come with an in-built webcam; you can install an additional face recognition application for more security.