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How To Transfer Files From PC To Pc, PC To Mac ? Which Way Is Safer ?

How To Transfer Files From PC To Pc, PC To Mac ? Which Way Is Safer ?

I have to admit firstly I am so much kind of professional guys. But there is always some moment that I need to pretend to be in my daily work. It is troublesome as if I am “forced ” to figure out how the cloud services work to transfer files between my PC, Mac and phone. The best cloud services we often hear about like Dropbox vs Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud & more really means “high tech” for me with a price not so attracting.Especially when I dealt with iMacs or Macbooks,it is not easy for me to avoid making mistakes. Actually,this kind of mistake will waste a lot of time and even bother my work in a bad way.

Is there a simple way ? I found the answer when I read a piece of article on PC Advisor. It mentioned a little gadget released by Inateck, a German company that have a magic port which can realize the easy cross-platforms file transfer between PC,Mac and phone. I have to say it is a simple hardware solution.

According to the author Marie introduces, in its simplest form the Inateck is a three-port USB 3.0 hub that you can plug into a PC or Mac and gain a couple of extra USB ports. But the HB4009 also has a ‘Magic port’, which allows you to transfer files between Windows, OS X and Android at USB 2.0 speed, share clipboards between PCs, and with KVM support even share a mouse between computers. You can even simply drag-and-drop them between desktops. This will copy the file rather than moving it from the first machine.You can control two laptops or Macs with one keyboard and mouse at the same time.

I can see this Hub will bea really useful product to many people. If you want file transfer, extra USB ports and even mouse sharing while on the go, this is definitely for you. I can also see it being appreciated in an office for using two devices together or as a simple desktop phone charger.

What I want to know is that : is it also a safer solution ?

I am not sure what you real professionals think about this.

I need your advice much and decide whether to place an order.Otherwise,I should bear the boring and troublesome way I was doing in the past.

See more about the gadget from the official site or the related Amazon purchase link.

Great thanks in advance !