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Hybrid PC’s

Hybrid PC's

Hybrid pc’s is the most renowned and fascinating computer among students, engineers, and especially researchers. Hybrid pc’s posses unique features that any kind of computer can’t perform. The reason of uniqueness is the combination of both analog and digital computers. Since the mathematical operation is slow in digital computers, you can prefer hybrid pc. This kind of pc is reliable because of its speed and upgraded technology. In analog computers, the operation speed is high where as the precision is low. In digital computers, the precision is high where as the speed is low. But in case of hybrid pc the criteria of precision and speed are both achieved.

Hybrid pc’s can meet the demands of both logical operation and differential equations but any one of these criteria can only be done by other types of computers. In real time applications, hybrid pc plays a vital role especially in educational research, radars and weather calculations etc. In the field of mathematical research, numerical method is the basic concept which may also be useful for specific processing technologies. For implementing numerical methods, usually the iterative process is being followed. To achieve a good ended iterative process, a initial guess of first iterative value is needed.

This initial guess determines the correct final value which in turn useful for the successful iterative numerical methods. This initial guess is also called as the numerical seed for the iterative process. This is the procedure of getting precised value for research purpose and so. Analog and digital computers couldn’t achieve this perfection since it may lags in either speed or accuracy. But hybrid pcs is the only computer which can satisfactorily achieve the desired precision within time bound.

It is clear that the concept of hybrid system is different from hybrid pc. Even analog to digital computers and digital to analog computers are not comparable to hybrid pc, especially in operational speed and accuracy. Hybrid pcs are also responsible for accelerating the processing in digital signal processing, servomechanisms etc. Hybrid pcs plays a vital role in control systems. Hybrid pc possesses more advantageous features such as RAM size ranges upto 4GB. Usually the frequency rate of analog and digital computers are low where as in hybrid pcs the frequency range has a clock rate of 2.16GHZ. These advantageous features also cover the size of hard drive having the range of upto 320GB.

Generally the DVD drives in analog and digital computers are normal. But in hybrid pcs the new type of drives namely optical drives such as Blu-ray drive and DVD drive are incorporated. Hybrid pcs comes in different colors with interchangeable sleeves. It looks stylish and compact. It is portable. It has long run battery life. Hybrid pc is user-friendly and also eco-friendly provided with high video clearance. Hybrid pcs also useful for entertainment purposes such as media, games etc. The added feature is that the concept of 3D is included in games with good video and audio clearance. It should be noted that the hybrid pc ensures economical power consumption.

It has components with fully upgraded technologies such as mini-keyboard, optical drive, long run battery etc. Hybrid pcs can be comfortably positioned in a metallic stand either vertically or horizontally which makes the user feel comfortable. All the cables are neatly placed at back in hybrid pc and hence a tidy cable environment is possible. The packaging materials of hybrid computers are mostly recyclable. It has a wide and stylish LCD monitor. The position of components in hybrid pcs are as the DVD burner at left and the remaining components such as headphone, USB, memory card reader at right .In short , the purpose of going hybrid pcs are operation speed, accuracy , compact and style. Also as far as economical aspect is concerned, hybrid pcs is preferable. You can purchase hybrid computers for your domestic and educational needs.