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Laptop Coolers Help Extend the Life of Your Computer

Anyone who has ever turned on a laptop computer for more than ten minutes can see how hot they can get. Reaching operating temperatures of 100 degrees or more, this can cause electronics to malfunction or permanently damage them. A laptop cooler is an inexpensive way to help keep you machine around that much longer.

Desktop computers have a built in fan to keep them cool. Due to the size and portability of laptops, there is no good way to incorporate a fan into their construction, this is one solution that makes sense. These are made to be portable and travel with you, fitting in an average size laptop case along with the computer.

Any electronic component when heated to above its operating temperature, sustains damage. Whether it be major or minor, this happening repeatedly takes its toll. A cooler helps prevent long term damage to your computer by keeping it cool during operation.

Laptop coolers comes in a variety of styles and even colors. For the most part they have chrome or brushed aluminum finish, but there are models available with a color finish matching any decor. Blue, red and green are included in these choices.

Boasting one or two fans built in, the laptop is placed on top while in use and the air is circulated around them. This helps cool the computer and also keeps the hot parts from touching you if you are using it in the way the name states, as in on your lap.

These are relatively inexpensive, starting at $20.00 and going up from there. Lightweight and compact, they go anywhere you and your computer do. No external power source is needed, as these plug directly into the laptop by a USB cable and run off the computers battery.