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LTO Tape Enhancements, Life Span And Security

LTO Tape Enhancements, Life Span And Security

When the giant companies like HP, IBM, and Seagate starts to work collaterally they intended to build a tape with joint initiative in 1997, they have designed a technological roadmap, and specifications with license availability in the same year. Seagate changes their business to Seagate removable storage solution. The three companies (HP, IBM and Quantum) continue to work with the same pace to promote the LTO Ultrium Format.

This LTO program require to pass annual verification test which was commenced by the third party compliance.

LTO Tape Enhancements.

LTO Tape is based on several factors, the material from which it is manufactured, the coding and decoding methods involved, the speed by which the tape should move which is also termed as data rate. It also includes the length of the data tapes. And physical density of the data tapes. In additional capabilities include WORM (write-once, read many) and encryption of data and partitioning to enable a linear file system.

Categories of LTO (Ultrium Tapes)

Ultrium tapes have been classified into LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3,LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6) depending on the capacity and data transfer speed.

LTO Life Span

The Life span of LTO is not defined but usually considered 30 years if put in the ideal conditions defined by the manufacturer, these tapes are extremely sensitive and should be placed in the conditions as stated by the manufacturers which are usually in the ideal conditions,

Usually these tapes should be placed in the ideal temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% relative humidity.

Normally tape lifespan wouldnt allow much deviations from the ideal conditions, as the minimal change in the ideal conditions can be harmful even the change of 5% can be hazardous, which can deteriorate the tape quickly.

To make your LTO tape save its better keep your LTO out from the drive with data driven on it. Or on the other hand it will be good to replace your current LTO with the newer and advanced version without being victimized by the previous version of LTO.

Data Security:

It is assumed that that the data stored online is safe and secured as we know that these databases also work as a standalone firewalls for most of the cases we have nefarious methods to steal data, as we know that there are very active hackers ready to steal your data online as well employees may sabotage companys secret data.

It is estimated that around 3 out of four data is being victimized by these business disruptions that exposed them to potential damages.

There are many case studies where you find these data security issues which makes you handicap, in this situation thing which provides a complete solution to you is LTO tape.

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