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NTP Time Servers

NTP Time Servers

Well the question about time servers has always been whether you need a dedicated time server, can you cope with an internet based one, or even whether you need one at all. Ok, and occasionally, what the bloody hell is a time server? But if you’re asking the later you’re really reading the wrong article.

Well the truth of the matter is that not a great deal of people will need to know what a time server is let alone actually need to use one. Unless your place of work requires you to have a particularly accurate synchronization of all your networks computers you don’t need one. There are several variants available to manage different needs. And of course, if you do not need to keep all the computers in your network synchronized then you do not need any sort of time server.

So, the real question here today is the free OS based time server versus the dedicated. And to be honest it’s not much of a question. Like any OS based programme free OS or free internet based time servers for instance are riddled with drawbacks, they’re clearly not as accurate and sometimes don’t work at all. So the point is if you’re going to bother with a time server at all you may as well get a half decent, dedicated one. Whereas some OS based ones just don’t work, the cheap dedicated time servers have been known to cause absolute chaos in many places of work. For example, although a dedicated time server is practically impossible to be hacked from an outside medium it does not mean they are free from having internet problems. There have been cases where the servers have had a query rejected and have in response inundated the bandwidth of the network they were part of by sending out thousands of further and bounced queries. The problem which can incur with this sort of issue is vast costs due to the internet usage. The other catch with dedicated NTP time servers is that if you’re bandwidth is taken up unnecessarily for example if you’re network has virus issues then the NTP based servers really do struggle, but the simple answer to that take measures to prevent viral concerns as you should be doing this anyway.

However the positives of dedicated NTP servers as opposed to other types of time servers is that when these sparse problems are not happening, dedicated NTP time servers are among the most effective products on offer and by far the best value. So clearly, assuming you find it necessary to keep all of your network synchronized, maybe just to keep track of your employees, maybe it’s for something far more import, either way it’s well worth the investment in buying a dedicated time server.