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PC Or Mac – Which Lets Live in Harmony?

PC Or Mac - Which Lets Live in Harmony?

The debate has been raging on for years, its like religion… most of the main religions have differences but in the end the core of it is God and the son of God. By all means I ‘m not touching on a subject that is sensitive and comparing it to computers. But lets face it… the way some of these Mac and PC users attack each other it might as well be a holy war.

First off behind the sleek and sexy designs are the bits and bytes that help us computer users get through our daily lives weather it is for business, professional or personal use. Nowadays for most users who only need to use a computer for internet, email and simple word-processing ANY computer will do… and I mean it… ANY COMPUTER WILL DO… just make sure it has all the options you need to do it well which include wireless. Wifi; enough peripheral connections to make your computer experience more enjoyable.

For power users it’s a little different… You should seek a computer that works best for your applications… I mean if you are a Final Cut Pro editor I think you’ll have no choice but to be using a Mac pro. Let’s not look at weather you are a PC or Mac person… lets look from the point of view that you are a video editor that needs to use the best and most affordable tool to carry out his/her job. By the same token if you are using Sonar to do your music PC is the way to go as it is only a PC platform. Mac has the option of using a dual boot into a Windows OS but is probably more hassle than not. Not to mention have you seen the prices of a Mac Pro? It’s basically a down payment on a car…

In the end work within your means and necessity; Mac’s are beautiful machines, very powerful, “EASIER” to use but can cost you an arm and a leg. PC’s on the other hand cost a lot less and with literally hundreds of peripherals to choose from, you can build a dream machine for half the cost of a Mac. I have both and like them both equally.