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Pen Drives Are The New Promotional Tool

Pen Drives Are The New Promotional Tool

We are all guilty of keeping a large variety of promotional items or at least just one. You’ve got to admit there is something very appealing about an assortment of free goods even if you do not like what is printed on it. However, there are times when purging of the promo tools occurs. Yes, consumers open the cupboard and throw out the plastic cups that are their least favorite or never used. They rid themselves of ridiculous shirts, toss out frisbees, donate lanyards and the plastic sunglasses. If youre lucky it might be kept for around six months. What if we told you there is a new tool in town that you can customize and transform into a better gadget? USB Promos has perfected the pen drive to give you a leg up on the competition.

Odds are you think you have seen this type of marketing pen before and were not that impressed. But we assure you this is not what we have in store for your strategic marketing plan:

Old school plastic pens are a thing of the past. Integrating technology is the future. And thats why pen drives are one of the newest contenders in the promotional world; they are promotional tool meets technology and functionality.

Pen USB drives are exactly what they appear to be: a working pen with ink and built in USB memory. The best part? All included parts actually work. Well, should anyway. There are some promotional companies out there that charge a small fee and ship out garbage, but you get what you pay for. It is better to seek out a speciality company that specifically produces custom USB products so that you receive a high quality item with a guarantee backing or warranty of some sort.

Pen drives come in more varieties than youd think. Typically, the cap will either twist or pull of to reveal the hidden USB. You can choose from plastic or metal; thick or thin; twist or click; stylus tip, ballpoint or laser. The pens also come in a variety of colors that can be customized with your logo. See the following for examples:

Every pen style available can be branded with your logo or design. You can choose from full photographic CMYK color printing, pad printing, screen printing or laser engraving (on the metal drives only). Once youve found the pen model of your choice, brand it and have the company pre-load with a few important pieces of information like a:

Fact sheet

Back grounder


Thank you letter

Presentation (interactive or noninteractive)




While some companies will charge for this service, there are a few that will do a limited capacity free of charge. You simply just need to ask. The last step is all about presentation. After all presentation is key and first impressions are everything. Instead of just tossing your new custom pen USBs into your plastic bags that will be filled with everyone elses goodies, pass them out in a nice presentation case instead. The gesture will leave more of a lasting impression on passersby.

With the Custom Flash Drives in hand and information loaded onto them you should be on your way to more referrals in no time.

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