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Plasma Display Rentals Shine on the Trade Show Floor

Plasma Display Rentals Shine on the Trade Show Floor

If you want to make your own trade show booth shine too, consider plasma display rentals for your next show.

Why Plasma Display Rentals Serve the Trade Show Market So Well

LCDs and other screens can be used to display your graphics or advertisements, but plasma screens are a cut above the other options with:

    high quality contrast ratios for crisp images, more accurate colors than other displays, less blurring with video movement, like television commercials, and clear viewing, both from straight on and at sharp angles.

These advantages make a plasma screen a more effective tool for your show booth, catching the attention of potential customers and drawing them in to the booth with the messages your company is promoting.

Alone or in a Crowd

Plasma displays can be used as a single focal point for your trade show booth or as a part of a bank of plasmas. Either of these options is a viable way of drawing eyes to your booth. Plasma display rentals are a little bit like that too: you can rent a single display unit or you can opt for a series of high-tech options, including microphones, speakers, interactive kiosks, and projectors. If you can imagine it, chances are it can be done with plasma display rentals.

Why Rent When You Could Buy?

North American culture has a buying mentality. Most of the time, if we can afford to buy it, we do. However, this mentality may not be the best approach for businesses, especially when it comes to the trade show circuit. Here are a few of the reasons rentals work in your favor:

    Convenience. When planning your sales staffs time at a trade show, why include extra time for them to set up electronics? Your rental company will set up and take down the electronics you rent to your specifications. Hassle free. No need to ship plasma displays all over the continent for various shows. With shipping come worries about damages too, so by renting in the city of the trade show, your company doesn’t have to worry about the costs of shipping or potential damages. Custom displays. Each trade show booth can look a little different with plasma display rentals. Your company may decide to use a small booth and one plasma display for a show in Moncton, but decide that you need a large booth with a bank of plasmas in Chicago. Both options are viable with rentals, allowing for a fresh look at each show.

Next time your company is considering plasma displays for a trade show booth, take the time to investigate plasma display rentals.