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Portable And User Friendly Smart Charger

Portable And User Friendly Smart Charger

Most of us have had times when weve needed to make a phone call only to find our mobile phone is just about to die. Similarly, if you rely on your iPad to keep you entertained on the train home, youll know how frustrating it is to find it has very little juice left to sustain you to your last stop.

Thats why weve decided to kick off the New Year with an auction for this EasyAcc portable power bank. It might be small but it certainly packs some power, as youll see. According to the details it measures a weeny 13.3cm by 7.1cm and is just 1.6cm thick, so you wont struggle to find room for it in your bag. Were offering you the chance to bid on this item to see if you can snag the lowest unique bid for it to secure a win. At just 19p per bid surely its worth a try.

What does the EasyAcc portable power bank have to offer?

How about the ability to fully charge an iPhone 5 several times over? It can also power up your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3 if you have one. It also boasts two USB ports so you can charge two items at the same time and be confident theyll both be back to full power very soon. If you have an iPad, you can charge that using this handy little unit as well.

While the power bank is practical, easy and light to carry and good for all situations, it could even be a life saver. If you go somewhere where it makes sense to have a fully-charged phone to use in case of emergencies, pack the power bank too. For example maybe youre into extreme camping and you love nothing better than being in the middle of nowhere. Thats great, but what happens if you need help in a hurry? You dont have to worry about your smart phone draining of power when you have the portable power bank to help out. One full charge of the power bank is designed to last for a full six months. This means you can recharge your phone and make that call for help if you should ever need to.

Its also good for charging many other items such as Bluetooth speakers and MP3 or MP4 players, so youll never be short on the energy supply you need. Why not place that bid today and see if you can get the lowest unique bid to win the EasyAcc portable power bank?