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Q6600 Overclock Guide

Q6600 Overclock Guide

A good Q6600 overclock guide will give you all the steps to overclocking this system. You could even gain a basic understanding of the overclocking system by using an online guidebook like, “Overclocking your CPU to the extreme.”

When you decide to overclock your CPU please remember it is a risk under all circumstances, so gather a complete knowledge of the overclocking system and till you have every detail about how it can affect your system please do not attempt to do it all you may have to invest in another CPU.

You should begin by reading the manual of your motherboard and learn how to modify the BIOS settings. If you are lucky you may have a motherboard that resets automatically but most do not.

You have to understand the pre-requisites of enhancing speed in your CPU which is CPU multiplier plus FSB. Just remember when overclocking some chips have limitations and they don’t overclock at all.

Overclocking involves a lot more than just modifying the BIOS settings, when you make changes to FSB, the core voltage also needs to be increased. There are some other parts to whose settings need to be modified such as the memory. Some of the parameters that control the memory also need to be tweaked. Please ensure that your system will run stably at the new overclocked speed. A good Q6600 overclock guide will give you the details of the system and how you can ensure that your system runs stably when overclocked. Another important aspect of overclocking is that the system parts should have enough strength to handle the stress resulting from the overclocking.

Referring to an online manual on overclocking like, “Overclocking your CPU to the extreme” will guide you how to utilize your system to the maximum and also how much to load your system so that the overclocking does not crash it.