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Smart Business Trip Dell Optiplex 3020m Evaluation

Smart Business Trip Dell Optiplex 3020m Evaluation

As a major category of computer products, business computer has always been the focus, and stable performance has also been one of the most important factors for business users, if a product claiming to show it in business computer work normal, Im sure there will be no consumers are willing to spend money. And in business, Dell desktops has excellent performance, and its OptiPlex series is an excellent series of products, as a focus on the business of computer series, OptiPlex 3020M is a very good product.

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Dell OptiPlex 3020M business desktop PC, cabinet body also can’t hide it good performance. The configuration, different from Dell OptiPlex 3020, Dell OptiPlex 3020M using the fourth generation of Intel core i5-4590T processor core, clocked at 2.0GHz, and integrated with Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics core. The storage is used in the 4GB DDR3 memory, and a combination of 500GB mechanical hard drive, overall performance is good, can easily cope with daily business office needs.

Dell OptiPlex 3020M: appearance fashion concise business

Dell OptiPlex series has been Dell on behalf of its products business desktop computer, the great business atmosphere appearance, let it become a major choice of many business users. This Dell OptiPlex 3020M business desktop computer with a compact body design, can also be classified as a Mini PC, it is very convenient to use.

Dell OptiPlex 3020M gives a very strong feeling of solidity, although smaller, but the work performance is very good. In addition to the front panel, the other parts are made of metal materials, and plate quality and thickness is also very strong, will not give people a thin feeling. At the same time the machine also adopts the mainstream business products of the black color, the atmosphere is quite calm and reserved.

The metal shell has certain shielding effect for signal receiving, in order to solve this problem, realize the receiving of the signal, Dell OptiPlex 3020M is also equipped with a detachable antenna. Of course, if you can also choose the cable access network, Dell OptiPlex 3020M is equipped with RJ-45 interface.

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I believe that careful friends must have found a small detail, is the “DELL” Logo is turning, guarantee either straight or stand, this Logo can be right side. From this small details, we can understand that this product is meticulous and intentions.

In order to more convenient for the user, Dell OptiPlex 3020M also provides a variety of stents, these stents only need simple disassembly and splicing can put the host in among them, more convenient, thus saves the biggest users space.

Although dell OptiPlex 3020 m size is very small, but it’s still pretty good in transferring ability, the front panel configuration have boot keys, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0 and headset, microphone interface. While on the back panel configuration has previously mentioned RJ – 45 network interface, a USB 3.0 interface, three USB 2.0 interface, DP interface and VGA interface, overall configuration can cope with the daily business.

Dell OptiPlex 3020M also provides a set of wireless mouse and keyboard combination, the keyboard feel comfortable, accurate positioning, mouse knock comfort, for office people, such a practical and comfortable suite is very practical.

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