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Troubleshooting – “No Audio Driver Detected” Problem

Troubleshooting -

The source of this trouble usually is that the driver setup for the first time has not been exactly completed, or a certain audio driver has already run in a file.

For the first possible malfunction, you can download some driver software like Driver Checker from website, it can practically assist you to locate your problem audio driver, unload it, download and set up a compatibly working driver automatically just by one or two click.

If an audio driver is already in one of these CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT and DOSSTART.BAT files, you can fix this error by deleting the file that contains a driver, or else deleting all these three files.

If there is no file in the aforementioned folders but driver fails to be installed, you need to modify the Registry.

Click run on the Start menu and type “regedit”, press Enter delete all sound sound related items.

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