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The Basic Function of a Laptop Cooler Unit

The Basic Function of a Laptop Cooler Unit

The name says it all, laptop cooler. These units are just that, a way to cool your laptop while you are using it. Anyone who owns a laptop will tell you that they can get very warm. This can cause damage to the electronics and shorten the life of the computer itself.

Laptop coolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from compact ones that just fit a laptop to much larger stationary ones that very much resemble a docking station. With up to four fans built in, these will force cool air in and push warm air away from your computer. While most only need the laptop battery itself for power, this makes it easier to use with no need for an external power source.

These units are constructed mainly from aluminum, which is a natural heat sink in and of itself. This helps draw even more heat away from the laptop. Shaped to fit a normal sized laptop, some of these even fit in your briefcase with it.

Another option is the laptop cooler pad. These pads fit directly under your computer and draw the heat away by a gel that absorbs the heat by direct contact. Requiring no power supply, this is a good option to the coolers that use some of the battery power from the laptop.

The cooler pads are also a great choice because they do not make any noise. Running your laptop during a meeting or on a crowded plane, this cuts down on dirty looks from people close by. These will also fit right in the computer carrying case.

These laptop cooler options both have their advantages, but if your computer generates a lot of heat, a powered one is the right choice. This will move the heat away much faster than the pad style. Cooling your laptop keeps it both efficient and working for a long time.