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To Catch Up Xps Dell Inspiron 2350 Aio Reviews

To Catch Up Xps Dell Inspiron 2350 Aio Reviews

When Microsoft released Windows 8 new operating system, AIO computer touch screen finally have a place, after all, before the Windows 7 operating system is not any optimization to touch screen, in this way, when consumer is buying desktops they are more tend to an AIO computer, while the traditional desktop computer will be replaced slowly.

Although the price of the AIO computer is more slightly expensive than traditional desktop, but in such aspects as its saving space, beautiful, mobility is much better than traditional desktop PC, for many rich consumers, the AIO computer is their first choice, which is the root cause of the current AIO computer development is more and more quickly.

Dell Inspiron 2350 All In One computer, it USES the Intel’s latest generation Haswell platform i7-4700 mq quad-core processors, in addition to the integrated HD 4600 core graphics card also comes with a piece of AMD Radeon HD8690A independent video card, in addition also has 12 gb DDR3 1600 MHZ memory and 1 TB HDD mechanical combination of hard disk.

Dell Inspiron 2350 ALL In One computer with the ultra narrow frame design, the thinnest at only 12mm, which is not to see in previous Dell Inspiron series products, on the screen, it uses a 23 inch Full HD WLED anti dazzling screen, the best resolution of 1920 x 1080 and also supports 10 point touch.

Above the dell Inspiron 2350 screen we can still see a front-facing camera, in the above is array type microphone, this setting is common enough, not much said. At the bottom of the screen on the right side also set three function keys as well as the power switch button, above the switch button and a lamp, can observe the usage of products, the button itself, of course, also equipped with a breathing lamp, when the product during sleep can observe the situation.

Dell Inspiron 2350 all in one computer also included a set of wireless and keyboard combination, the touch feeling is good.

Before you continue to view the review, you can get the drivers from here: Dell Inspiron 2350 drivers .

Dell Inspiron 2350 one computer is somewhat similar with the Lenovo A720 in shaft design, in contrast, Dell Inspiron 2350 aluminum shaft do better, a720 at a rotary shaft position just simple to cable exposed to the outside of the fuselage, but Dell Inspiron 2350 on both sides of the cable is sealed by a rubber material, thus can not only effectively protect the cable itself, also can prolong the service life.

Compared with A720, dell Inspiron 2350 can not only put the screen in a 180 placed on the table for user to actual operation, at the same time it also can make the bottom of the screen and desktop, which can be another way of using, at the bottom of the screen, the Inspiron 2350 both side we can see the symmetrical two tape shoes, it is also considered when use the screen can be fully protected.

Dell Inspiron 2350 commendable place also has its base design, metal material to build the base is also very durable, although all motherboard hardware are concentrated in the base, but it still maintained a very thin state. This is quite rare. In the interface, the Dell Inspiron 2350 also has the very rich setting, four USB3.0 interface, microphone socket and multi reader in base on the left side and the right side is arranged, and in the rear of the fuselage also set 1 is a digital audio interface, RJ45, 2 x USB2.0, HDMI OUT/IN and power supply socket.