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Top Firewall Essentials For Effective Application Control

Top Firewall Essentials For Effective Application Control

Firewall has become an essential tool for application control on the private network of the company ensuring that data travelling through the network and the application remains private, safe and secure.

IT administrators always look out for solutions that enable sensitive corporate network work efficiently. This is because from time-to-time the IT department needs to deal with employees using unwanted and often risky applications on companys network. In order to restrict the usage of risky applications by employees and to enhance the productivity of the users, IT administrators need to prioritize essential application bandwidth and block any unwanted application, such as gaming applications.

Next Generation Firewall for Comprehensive Application Control

Considering the requirement of effective application control within the private network of the company, IT administrators worldwide are opting for next generation firewall that enables them to have comprehensive control, identification, intelligence and visualization of all applications processing on private networks. Next generation firewalls are effective as they provide strict application control along with various malware protection features. Nevertheless, to have effective application control your next generation firewall needs to meet at least some of the following criteria:

Keep a Track of Application Traffic

It is important to know whether the firewall you use is capable of scanning the traffic processed over companys network, which includes network and application layer traffic. In addition to this, the deep packet inspection engine of the firewall needs to identify the potential intrusions, spyware or malware attacks and website that may make your network vulnerable to unscrupulous practices.

Create Application Control Policy

The firewall needs to enable you to create application-related policies according to your specifications. For instance, your marketing team may have access to social media for business purposes while it may be restricted for the other teams. The next generation firewall allows you to create application-based policy in order to ensure that you have complete control over the traffic. It will not only increase productivity but will also prevent data leakage and protect against viruses and malware.

Management of Application Bandwidth

An ideal next generation firewall not only allows you to manage the application bandwidth but also enables you to prioritize the bandwidth allocated for every essential application. At the same time, it needs to enable you to limit bandwidth allocated to non-essential application such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter etc.

Provide Optimal Performance

Your firewall needs to have enough horsepower to ensure that you can use the advanced features and get your job done. Ensure that the next generation firewall you purchase provides complete control over applications used on your private network, without affecting the network throughput.

Prevent Application-borne Malware

Today, malware is so complex that it does not require any user intervention to harm the system. Spread of malware has evolved from simply infesting systems with viruses on local networks to exploiting sensitive files and documents. Therefore, it is important to opt for next generation firewall that provides dynamic security services and receives malware intelligence updates at the right time from dedicated research lab.


When an employee opens an application on companys network, the next generation firewall solution utilizes application control to ensure that each activity of the application is authentic, complete and processed at an optimal level. This may enable the companies to keep their sensitive data safe and transact their business within secured networks.