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Types Of Projectors And Their Use

Types Of Projectors And Their Use

Every person watches films. They are an integral part of our culture. Today, there are many media through which one can watch films or any audio visual content, but earlier there was only one source. There was only one place where one could watch films. And that was a movie theatre. Even today there are multiplexes, but the number of people going to watch movies in a single screen cinema theatre has lessened.

Typically the screening of a film is a technical process. A person projects light from the source onto the screen. This light is basically a combination of motion images called a movie. The device through which this light is projected onto the big screen is called a Projector and the technician operating the projector is known as a projectionist. So basically a projector is an optical device projecting an image onto the projection screen.

A projector is not just limited to watching a movie. Many business meetings and client presentations are solely based on projectors, meaning that it becomes an essential element in presenting a client with a product or service for that matter. So it is a necessity for every company to have a projector in this era. And projectors are not that costly as they used to be a decade earlier. So whether its business utility or a liability, projectors can easily be obtained these days.

There are Basically Three Types of Projectors:

CRT Projectors: These projectors use bright cathode ray tubes as the projecting element much like the old television sets. The main drawback with these are that they are very bulky and one also needs to change the cathode ray gun every now and then is not cost efficient

DLP Projectors: The digital light processing is a display based on micro-electro- mechanical technology. The device used is known as DMD which means digital micro mirror device. It was developed in 1987. There are two primary methods by which they create a color image, one is by single chip DLP projector and the other is 3 chip projectors.

LCD Projectors: Liquid crystal display projector is a cheaper option as compared to the other two. It is ideal for home viewing. It is a type of video projector where images can be viewed on screen or even fat surfaces.

Purchasing a projector can be a big decision. If a person has a small company, it is preferable not to spend a lot of money on projectors until and unless one requires it very frequently. Even if one decides to buy a projector, it would be better to rent the same model one is planning to purchase and be absolutely sure of its quality. And if one requires it once a month or so, renting a projector might be the most cost efficient option to consider.

Renting a projector these days is very easy. It doesnt matter where a person lives, he/she can easily rent a projector with a little research on the internet. Generally these are very easy to install unless it is not a CRT projector installing which might be a difficult process. For instant if a person lives in Australia, say, Perth, he/she could easily rent a projector in Perth just by searching for it on the internet.

Some Factors to Look at Before Buying a Projector

    Aspect Ratio if the purpose is watching a movie. Resolution Brightness Contrast

These are some of the most common factors to be considered before buying or even renting a projector. But these are not the only factors. One needs a thorough research before investing on projectors when it comes to buying electronic devices.