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Upgrade Your Web Application Firewall And Application Control System

Given the ubiquity of web services and Internet, cyber security has become a serious threat to various organizations including public and private bodies. Therefore no one can take risk of selecting substandard quality of web application firewall, and application control solutions.

Web application firewall and application control systems or solutions may include software as well as hardware components which are two critical security components of cyber network in government and business houses. The quality aspects of their cyber security components cant be ignored and needs to be configured in the local network.

What is application control?

Application control solutions prevent data loss and some other external threats such as unwanted botnets, malware, and phishing. Premium version of application control solutions supports secure online business collaboration, applications, deployment of SaaS and Cloud system with OSI (Open System Interconnection) Layer 7 and Layer 8 identity-based policies.

How application control system make difference?

It can block anonymous proxies, such as: Anonymizers, Tor clients, UltraSurf, etc.

Prevents keylogger – a hacking tool

Identify and provide you a report on the risk level of applications in-use, characteristic of applications, and technology used in the development of application.

Prioritize bandwidth allocation for different users and applications.

Control users’ P2P-based activities, and social application activities in the network.

Define and customize time-bound control of applications for different users.

What is web application firewall?

Web application firewall, installed in the network security appliances (such as Next-Generation Firewalls UTMs) aims to secure Web-based applications and websites in big business and government organizations, against cyber-attacks. It also helps in preventing URL parameter tampering, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, session hijacking, buffer overflows, etc.

How web application firewall system make difference?

Ensures secured encrypted (SSL) connections in government and business houses.

Protect all types of web environments such as: Apache, IIS, WebSphere, etc.

Premium version of the web application firewall can provide protection against more than 14000 server misconfiguration and 3rd party application vulnerabilities.

Protects the server from harmful cookies, web application-defined URL query string parameters, etc.

Provide log report of types of cyber-attack, sources of attack, and action taken by the admin.


At the one end, application control system enables the top management to control web application-based activities of employees. On the other end, the top management uses Web application firewall (also known as: Deep Packet Inspection Firewall) to look at every response and request within the SOAP/HTTP/HTTPS/ XML-RPC/Web Service layers.

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