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Ways of Maintaining HP Laptop Batteries

Ways of Maintaining HP Laptop Batteries

The estimated lifespan of HP laptop batteries is one of the most pertinent queries of every HP customer. There are several factors that extend the battery life and maximize their runtime. HP laptop batteries have 200 to 500 charge cycles before they cease to hold charge. One charge cycle begins with charging your laptop battery to the maximum, then letting it discharge completely and go to sleep, and then charging it fully again. The variation in the number of charge cycles rests on the maintenance of the laptop.

HP Laptop Batteries: Maintenance

HP laptop batteries are a product of advanced design and superior craftsmanship. However, a laptop battery requires optimum care to provide optimum services. Here are certain dos and don’ts that users must follow to ensure longer battery life.

Some practices to avoid are:

    Avoid leaving your battery in extremely high or low temperature areas. Exposure to direct sunlight and excessive dust or dirt can damage its electronic components, thus reducing longevity. Exposure to extreme cold temperatures is also not recommended, because on return to normal temperatures moisture forms inside the battery. This spoils the electronic circuit boards. Avoid extracting the battery and trying to short it manually. Try not to frequently drain the battery of charge before plugging it in. Avoid leaving the battery in the laptop while charging it for a prolonged period. Keeping the battery in a constant state of charging will reduce the battery’s lifespan.

Some guidelines to follow are:

    Calibrate your laptop battery once in every two months. Decrease the hard drive activity by defragmenting the drive regularly. Disable the startup items, since these items encroach on the virtual memory and add to the CPU load. Remove battery pack from your laptop if you are not using it for a week or so.

HP Laptop Batteries: Optimizing Runtime

Optimizing the runtime of HP laptop batteries is possible through:

    Turn off programs, such as Photoshop, high graphics games and burning of DVDs and CDs, when not in use. Running unwanted programs drains the battery faster. To save power, leave the laptop on Hibernation mode if you do not plan to work for a while. Lower the contrast level of the screen Avoid multitasking