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Xerox WorkCentre C20 Printer – Simply Exceptional Value

Xerox WorkCentre C20 Printer - Simply Exceptional Value

There are always new models of desktop printers and copiers being released in this consumer shifting world that we live in. Xerox has managed to stay ahead of this game by making sure that they release nothing but their best machines as soon as they possibly can. This is what they have done with the Xerox WorkCentre C20 printer using Xerox WorkCentre C20 toner that has just hit the market.

One thing that we have to give them a hand for is their ease of use. It is very frustrating when no matter how many things a machine can do, you just can’t bring yourself to manage using it. This is not the case with the WorkCentre C20 printer. It has been given a design such that if you have been around buttons before you will have no problem figuring out how to operate them.

If you observe the speeds at which this machine works you will be very impressed. They are manufactured to give out a copy in under eight seconds. When they are in power saver mode, however, this will take just a short time longer. This is pretty fast among printers/copiers of this class. We will talk about the power saver mode further on into the article.

The Xerox WorkCentre C20 printer comes with the default setting of doing both sides of the page when printing. If only one side of a document is needed then no worry, you just put it on that setting with the touch of a button. Otherwise, the default setting is to do both sides of the documents introduced.

The WorkCentre C20 printer has been fitted with a small internal memory. This will enable you to scan the document you wish to print/copy and have it saved in the memory. You can then remove this original document and still proceed to print/copy as many pages of it as you may need. This I think is very efficient for those offices where maybe you were copying a document that has to be given back to a client or something.

When you buy the Xerox WorkCentre C20 printer it comes with a standard paper tray that can handle 550 sheets. This is a substantial paper holder for those offices that are copying and printing documents in bulk every day. There is, however, an optional tray that you can have included which helps to bring the total number up to one thousand five hundred sheets of paper.

For those who have their computers linked to the Internet, there is another new feature on the Xerox WorkCentre. It can scan your document directly onto your email. All you will have to do is press send and your email is on its way to the recipient with the document you just scanned. As easy as apple pie.

We said we would also mention the power saver mode that is available in the Xerox WorkCentre C20 printer. This feature will have the machine using less electricity when it does not have such a huge workload to cope with. This reduces the amount of electricity it uses by half thus saving your office some money.