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Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 Printer Offers Fantastic Form and Function

Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 Printer Offers Fantastic Form and Function

When it is time to buy your printer, the Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 printer might be a good choice because of its many quality functions. This is a multifunction printer that has the capability of not only producing high-efficiency printing projects but is a scanner, offers E-mail, Internet faxing, copying, and the standard fax function. Choosing this model means you will have the convenience of several different machines all in one, with each one producing a superior print product thanks to Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 toner. 

The WorkCentre Pro 128 printer has features that will save money over time. For instance, the EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toner has a long life fuser that is not only reliable but will prevent waste over a period of time, which in turn saves money. The Pro 128 model has a feature that will decrease toll calls and also eliminate the worry of busy signals. The function that lets you scan documents quickly anywhere around the world means you will be saving on the costs of mailing documents.

The function of the copier allows the two-sided copies to print automatically saving money on the cost of paper and making it better for the environment. There is a ‘negative image feature’ that makes the black and white background able to use less toner and save money. This model also has the stamp of approval for energy saving and carries the Energy Star Compliance rating for saving money on energy costs.

The ‘multiple-up’ feature means that the printer can place several pages on just one sheet, which will save paper and ink. The delayed send fax feature makes it possible to enter a fax and then have it automatically sent at a later time when the cost of calling is lower, saving on phone bills. Sending faxes is quicker because of the JBIG compression feature making 20 to 80 percent efficiency by compression and that means transmitting faxes takes less time.

The speed that each page prints is six seconds per page meaning that less time is needed to perform printing tasks. Another feature that saves time in the office is the memory function that allows the most frequently used documents of the office to be programmed into the printer. Instead of hunting the originals of the documents every time more copies are needed, all that is needed is to pull up the document on the printer display and press print. This is a time saver.

The consumable supplies, such as Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 toner, connected with the printer are designed to last a lot longer period of time and to be easily replaced so it is not necessary to wait on a service call. Another great feature is the ability to use transparency separators as dividers when printing sets so that the hard copy is all set for handing out with just one action.

The ‘Interrupt’ feature makes it possible to do a small copy job while there is a big print job in the system. This saves time waiting on the use of the printer. Valuable analysis reports can be quickly printed out that give information about the system operation like billing meters, system data and billing meters.

If the print job is for a report with covers, the cover feature allows either the front or back cover to be printed on either one side or two sided or just left blank and added to the collation from another media tray. This saves time in having to pull pages and then insert by hand the covers.