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Xerox WorkCentre XE90 Printer – The Smart Business Choice

Xerox WorkCentre XE90 Printer - The Smart Business Choice

Getting a look at the Xerox WorkCentre XE90 printer reveals that the machine one is looking quite nice, and that it provides a unique multifunction laser printer, flatbed scanner and fax capabilities that make it ideal for most any small business environment. When it’s not connected to a personal computer, it can function very well as a copier and fax machine only. No matter the use, each page comes out with the gorgeous quality one would expect from Xerox WorkCentre XE90 toner.

It needs to be said right up front that this machine is not one of those you might find in a discount office supply store. List price was $3600, though it could often be found after discounts for anywhere from $2500 – $2900. At any rate, this unit works for a well at putting out black-and-white monochrome product and will also fit neatly on any desktop in a small business. Dimensions come in at 18″ x 17″ x 12″.

As far as print speeds go, this Xerox multifunction printer puts out pages at around eight ppm of product, which is fairly good as far as multifunction scope. It connects to a PC with industry standard wired technologies and can hook up to a network just as easily. It uses standard parallel ports for interfacing, which was what was offered at the time of release of this laser printer.

The Xerox WorkCentre XE90 printer delivers its product at 600 dpi by 600 dpi, and does not include PostScript support. It can handle most standard paper sizes all the way up to 8. 5 x 14″ and letter sizes include all of the standards one has come to expect, including A, A4, A5, B5 and legal. Additionally, the Xerox will handle a number of different envelope sizes.

It can carry 250 sheets of paper in its single feeder tray, and the duty cycle comes in at around 1,500 pages. Also, this printer will come with one standard Xerox WorkCentre XE90 toner cartridge good for around that amount. Capability wise, the fax machine supplied is standard at 14.4 Kbps through a modem and the flatbed scanner is 400 dpi by 600 dpi on a single pass.

From the time the printer is tasked for an output job until the first page emerges is about 10 seconds, which is a figure that comes in well within the range expected of a multifunction unit. It does not include expansion bays or slots, so take that into consideration when thinking about expanding on this machine. Standard parallel ports are also offered along with a standard phone line modem connection technology.

This particular Xerox multifunction laser printer operates using most Windows systems up through 2000, and it will also use Windows NT 4. 0. This can make it a decent candidate for small networks in a pinch. Standard one-year service and support agreements are included and an extended warranty can be had for a small additional fee.

The fax unit included in the machine will hold up to 120 pages of incoming or outgoing fax material should be unit run out of paper while unattended. It is a very versatile machine, allowing you to print, scan and copy while simultaneously faxing. Plus, it can also immediately fax something that’s been scanned in through the flatbed scanner.