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Yamaha YHT-491BL – Home Theater in a Box

Yamaha YHT-491BL - Home Theater in a Box

This is the Yamaha YHT 491BL all-in-one system. This model joins the others in bringing the movie theater right into your home by delivering a plethora of features that will effortlessly uplift your video and audio experience.

The superb 5.1 Channel speaker system comes with two front towers, two surround speakers, one center and a powerful 100W Advanced-YST subwoofer. Other features include Yamaha Cinema DSP, SCENE buttons and 1080p HDMI inputs. It’s also compatible with Bluetooth and iPod.

The Cinema DSP digital engineering comes into its own with customised installations offering total surround sound without the use of surround speakers. You are able to adjust your settings for listening or watching, or playing almost anything, thanks to Yamaha’s Scene controls. To make operating the receiver even easier this Yamaha YHT-491BL has four special SCENE buttons that are set to default. By pressing either of these buttons the system automatically proceeds with that particular default command setting. The four setting options are TV viewing, Radio listening, DVD viewing and Disc listening.

The YHT-491BL speaker system has a dual woofer design that produces clear and sharp surround sound whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie. The excellent AV 100w-Channel digital receiver, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic 2 work together to create a truly naturalistic, enwrapping surround sound experience. Also, if you require, the HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface, can also boost high definition DVD playback into the HD displays.

The speakers sound great and are well fabricated. There is plenty of kick in the subwoofer for this system. The receiver has great sound and I particularly like the ease of the SCENE buttons and the silent cinema feature. Another great thing about the Yamaha YHT-491BL is that the system is comprised of individual home theater components which means you could purchase all components separately if you so wished.

Here are some of the main features:

    2x HDMI 1080p HD Video SwitchingiPod and Bluetooth Audio Capability600W RMSCinema DSP4-SCENE ButtonsSilent CinemaCompressed Music EnhancerConsists: A/V ReceiverDolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTSSophisticated Tower Speaker Package